“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus, French-Algerian author and philosopher


What clients and other professionals are saying…

When I refer my patients to Brendan Bell, I know and trust that they are receiving the best consultative services in the area. He has a unique skill in creating a positive bond with my patients that serves to motivate their work with him. His training and experience have given him the tools needed to help my patients with their behavioral needs.

-Ron Severino, MD

My first experiences with therapists in my childhood and young teen years were anything but helpful – they were filled with distrust, secrets, judgment, and shame. I hated the idea of therapy and vowed that I would never trust a therapist or counselor again. When I was 13 and struggling deeply with depression, self harm, anxiety, and self esteem, I was introduced to Brendan, and things began to change drastically.

After just a few sessions, I quickly found that I could be myself around Brendan and there was no need to hide my feelings or keep secrets. He was the first adult person – not just the first therapist, but the first person – to truly listen to what was happening in my life and how much I was struggling with it, and I found such release and relief after every appointment.

Over several years of therapy with Brendan, we covered every topic and issue imaginable: self esteem, relationships, depression, anxiety, self confidence, school, family, self harm, suicidal thoughts, addictions, and so much more that I don’t have room to list here. For every session, every issue, every emotion, Brendan always offered a quiet and listening ear, followed by challenging and practical advice when I needed to hear it. I went from a scared, confused, and depressed adolescent to the person I am now – a confident, mature, and assertive young adult.

As someone diagnosed with two psychiatric disorders, I still run into difficult situations in my life, and I still struggle with my emotions and depression. But I’m so grateful for the time and help Brendan offered to me, and for the wealth of advice and information he has poured into my life over the years that has helped me overcome so many of my problems. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with him.


It gives me great confidence to refer patients to Brendan Bell. I have had the opportunity over the years to make referrals both professionally and personally to him. I have heard nothing but high praise for his accessibility, demeanor and treatment skills. I am pleased to highly recommend Brendan Bell.

-David Finn, Psy.D.

To say that your impact on my two boys has been beneficial is an understatement. You’ve acted as a sounding board, mentor and friend to them. The impact that you’ve had on their psychological well being and development has been amazing. Seeing them apply the skills you’ve offered to overcome adversity and life’s daily challenges is allowing them to grow into the men I hope them to become. THANK YOU for your continued dedication to their individual success and know that you’ve been a blessing to our family.


I have referred family, friends, and my pediatric occupational therapy patients along with their families to Brendan for 6 years and have consistently received positive, even glowing, reactions. Brendan possesses a rare combination of approachability and winsomeness that doesn’t compromise his professional expertise.

-Elizabeth K. Fraser, OTR/L, Kids Therapy, Lake Barrington, IL

Just when you think everything has gone downhill, set in stone, has no ounce of hope left, or become an endless battle of continuity, think again. Brendan Bell has given me all hope, desire, and much MUCH more to live with and to apply everyday to accept myself and what I can become tomorrow and on. As a teen going through life filled with anxiety, depression, anger, and most importantly unacceptance from higher figures and especially myself, I doubted I had any potential left to face my demons. I felt deprived of happiness and highly unnoticed. But when you walk into his office, you walk into the light at the end of the tunnel and with it brings endless possibilities. His work is absolutely astounding. It’s never always strict business, it’s motivating, fun for anybody, and brings different insights that are simple and amazingly successful. Ideas that you never would’ve thought of. There isn’t a session that goes by unnoticed and without progress. You’re guaranteed to engage with an open mind and you WILL laugh a lot. And no matter how long it takes, he will put together all the pieces of the puzzle along with you. Brendan gave me all the hope and fundamentals I needed to regain the life I strived for everyday. An experience I will never forget, and to this day I still come back every week to enjoy his company after 2 and half years. He’s the person you can always talk to, that always listens, and trusts you the most. He never forces change, he gives you the strength to change. It’s not therapy, it’s opportunity that results in the best way possible. You couldn’t ask for better.


When I talk to Brendan, I know that he’s truly listening to me, and even though I might be nervous or embarrassed by things I’ve told him, I never feel judged. Our sessions are often the one calm, safe spot in my week. Meeting with him feels natural, he’s not an awkward “shrink,” but he knows his stuff and has helped me out of many messes. Thank you, Brendan!


Hello we have been coming to Brendan for a while now. He has a great way with my son. Brendan can influence him with out my son even knowing he is being taught. There is a lot of fun brought to the learning sessions. This keeps my son engaged and open to learning. I would recommend him to any one who needs help or keeping up with daily life. Brendan is a wealth of information. Brendan is also very patient with the kids.

-A mom who cares

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