Top 5 Reasons Why Play Therapy is More than 'Just Child's Play'

Uncategorized February 9, 2017

Sometimes parents or professionals who are unfamiliar with Play Therapy wonder how therapy that consists of play can actively address…

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Psychiatrist or Psychologist? What’s the Difference?

All Things Therapy November 19, 2016

Previously, we looked at counselors and therapists, where the two labels overlap and how they are different. In this post,…

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Socrates. Father of Questions, Questionable Father

Family Therapy, The Tactical Parent October 29, 2016

How Socratic Questions can improve your parenting, in spite of Socrates’ parenting failures. Questionable Father History is full of great men…

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Counselor? Therapist? Healer.

All Things Therapy September 14, 2016

Counselors and Therapists: Similarities and Differences Let’s face it, the world of psychology can be overwhelming. The terms, the ideas,…

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Who Holds Your Pen? A question of agency, identity, and relationship

Uncategorized May 29, 2016

In the story of your life, who gets to write the chapters, invite the characters to participate, and select the…

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Why Your Child's Therapist Needs To Be A Play Therapist

Uncategorized May 23, 2016

Why Your Child’s Therapist Needs To Be A Play Therapist When I needed to find a therapist for my six…

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Men and Vulnerability: A Caged Bluebird

For Artists May 23, 2016

Men, Vulnerability, and Bukowski’s Poem “A Caged Bluebird” Men have a vulnerability problem. We’re all familiar with the stereotype that…

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Improving Your Parenting Tactics

Family Therapy, The Tactical Parent March 9, 2016

Improving Your Parenting Tactics You can dramatically improve your relationship with your children by improving your parenting tactics. Parenting is…

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