Thanks so much for the feedback, I do appreciate it a whole lot Thanks. In comparison with other Canon lenses I use for wildlife, it focuses at least as fast as the Canon EF 70-300L IS, despite the bigger, heavier elements and the extra distance that these optics need to be moved on the bigger lens. I have a question relating to the use of AI Servo focus mode when using a 100-400 Mk ii. I use Mode 3 often when handholding, and have found that I am comfortable with the results I get with Mode 1 and Mode 3. I would agree on taking along the 16-35 for a Namibia trip, as some of those landscapes can lend themselves to very wide angle compositions. Thanks for sharing your finding too, and i am in total agreement with you on the results. Mine has replaced my 70-200L f2.8 IS ii and my EF 70-300L f4-5.6 IS as my main wildlife zoom since the first day I shot it . Click for larger view. After six months of reasonably hard use, the zoom action of my EF 100-400L 4.5-5.6 IS ii has loosened up ever so slightly. Hope all’s well. Male cheetah, Tanzania. Thanx a lot to you and to Dave for your answers!! Grant. I find myself not using the 400 f2.8 much due to it’s size and weight. I hope i do not overstep my authority but as I also live and travel between the two big cities I might be able to help I would agree with your thinking above, and go with your 300mm plus extender choice, given that it allows you something that any of the 100-400 lenses don’t, and that is the option of shooting at f2.8, bare. Posting the reviews is enjoyable for me, and if it helps others get a better idea of the gear and the shooting requirements, that is great. The EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii completely retracted, at 100mm. The short minimum focus distance also comes in handy if subjects make a close approach. My wife and I both shoot, so we have kept our EF 70-300L IS for those times when we both need zoom lenses at the same time. Perhaps the lens most similar to the new EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS is the Canon EF 70-300L f4-5.6 IS. Summary. It can keep up with my son's 7D2 in continuous shooting mode with ease. I find myself a bit conflicted for time, spending as much time as i do in the field, but I do enjoy sharing my experiences with using the gear, so I fully intend to keep it going I read in a review pictures would not be very sharp at the maximum length. If you like shooting jpg images, many Canon dslr bodies deal with vignetting, via the Peripheral Illumination Correction feature, in camera. Great review. Grant, Hi Grant. Switch panel, with recessed switches for focus and IS controls, EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. And EF 600 f4 II, Option 2; Hi Tim Hi Arie Thanks for the review and recommendation I am a happy camper. If you are able to achieve that shutter speed, which is perhaps just enough, and f10, which is a lot of depth of field, it may be worth trying to focus on the bird from a stationery rest, and then switch off Autofocus so that it cannot get disrupted by that sudden jump-off when the bird takes flight. The second hand/ trade in value has also dropped since the introduction of the 100-400 Mk II so that is another consideration. At the end of the lens barrel there is a raised black collar that serves as a mount for the lens hood, smoothly attached by 3 flush-mount screws. With such an array of advances, performance is improved significantly in virtually every aspect of performance, and especially those that matter most to my shooting style. Canon said the new version has, “gapless dual-layered diffractive optical (DO) elements that help improve optical performance”. With a 1.4x III Telephoto Extender on a 5d Mark III, Canon 7d Mark II, and Canon 1Dx the lens will autofocus at center focus point only. Obviously this new tripod collar comes as part of the lens, which is good news, and does not have to be bought separately. That said, the chromatic aberration is easily cleared away using software. Shutter speed 1/1250sec at f5, iso 1600. Hi Ankur Even though you might get very close to your subjects at times, there will be other times when the added reach of the 500 is invaluable, and for birds it works great. Cheers Hi Grant, an excellent rendition on the 100-400 Mkii. Handheld. Hi Grant And wildlife mostly involves shooting in extremely dusty conditions. Hi Grant, Hope you get some great sightings and thanks again for writing If you still have your old 100-400, is it possible to post side by side images of your test subject taken by 100-400 and 100-400 MkII at 400 mm? Thanks for writing. In fact, I shoot my copy of this lens at the wide-open aperture setting around 80 percent of the time. 70D can do AF with 100-400 IS 2 with 1.4TC? It also focuses faster and more accurately than any other Canon zoom lens and 1.4x extender combination, and much more so than the 2x extender. I am thinking of getting either the 100-400ii or 70-200 2.8 with extenders as well as a 16-35 F4. The barrel does not change shape during zooming, which should mean a more robust design, with perhaps superior resistance to dust and moisture. Click for larger view. Grant. Grant. EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii tripod collar, with knurled collar for removing the foot. Click for larger view. As I never went to Africa I was curious on your experience. There is a focus distance indicator on top of the lens. Earlier 1D Canon bodies perform in a similar way to the three bodies listed here. I dont know exactly where you will be traveling in Namibia for wildlife but in my own travels there to Damaraland, Etosha NP, Skeleton Coast and surrounds, I almost always found that 400mm was more useful than 200mm and that the 70-200 was not enough magnification. This means it is quieter, quicker and more effective than before. For our trip to Tanzania next month it looks very much like we’ll have the new 100-400, a 300 2.8 and also a rented 200-400 (since there will be three of us shooting). Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii and 5Dmk3. On the Canon 5Dmk3, with its 35mm full-frame sensor, the 100-400mm focal length range was noticeably wider and more useful for capturing surroundings and environments than on the 7Dmk2 or even the 1Dmk4 (1.3x field of view crop). Tell me Grant does not know photography, and I will tell you the Highland’s of Scotland are owned by an Englishman. Even draping a towel over the lens whilst in dusty environments can help a little. TAMRON 100-400 mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD monture CANON objectif photo. Image stabilization system in the lens is as good as IS gets, but if you are shooting in the lowest of light, for landscapes, then a tripod will be a good investment. The 300 f2.8 mk i or ii remain incredible lenses. With the new lens, that is no longer the case..and the image quality benefits are clear to see. The new lens hood provides good protection for the front element, helps prevent flare very well, and is something I keep in place all the time when carrying this lens. FABULOUS combination!! If i’m not mistaken, the necessary amount of MFA can change at different zoom lengths, and that might render it perfectly focused at 560mm, but not at 160mm. The integral tripod collar works much more smoothly than any other Canon mid-series zoom lens before. In the field, I would decide which camera to have on the 100-400ii or the rented 500f4 by taking into account which lens i was using the most at that particular time or place. However that dust rarely shows up in images. When you can avoid cropping, it really makes the most of the image quality. Manual focus and handholding and long telephoto lenses is quite a combination that you took on there Grant, The new 100-400 focusses so close that it replaces both my macro and any 70-200mm! We usually don’t test single copies, but in this case I had no choice. It also provides lots of flexibility with its wide zoom range. Working with the 300 f2.8, specially if you have a converter fitted, will require a bit more input from you – it is a quite a bit heavier, and more cumbersome to manage when handholding, but nothing too difficult. (Personally, I liked the trombone, but I’ll give it up for the stronger IS.). Thanks for the feedback on the review. Just a day after receiving the lens, I set off to explore Vancouver Island with my girlfriend, and it … Regards The focus is very fast and the IS works very well. The only problem with the 100-400ii that we own is that my wife and I end up arguing over who is going to use it all the time Find out which is better and their overall performance in the Canon camera lens ranking. Although we can see some fine dust particles inside if we look through the front element in bright light, those dust particles don’t seem to show up anywhere we can notice on our images. Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii and Canon 5Dmk3. Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii and 7Dmk2. Most of the time 400mm is enough magnification, but not always. Very informative though. Thanks for the feedback, and yes, my 100-400 Mkii came from Orms in Cape Town thank you for all your knowledge you so kindly share, here and on youtube. Ci-dessus : Formule optique du Tamron 100-400 mm f/4,5-6,3 Di VC USD. Thanks for a great review. Yours are the very best reviews available, especially for wildlife applications. Navigating the Canon Camera Lenses 100 400mm Focal Options. Properly-focused images are higher in contrast, and show fine details so much better. Perhaps you can shed more light on this subject? Maybe it is time to give the 400L f5.6 to your girlfriend That would be a fantastic lens for us bird photographers! 2) Is there a particular technique you use to quickly select a single AF point given that one so often needs to respond to unfolding events (your moving lion is a case in point)? J’ai eu la possibilité d’essayer l’objectif de Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 L I il y a quelques mois afin de le comparer avec d’autres marques. Cheers The 1.4x ii can be picked up second hand for +-R2500 whereas the iii is too difficult to find used (R5500 new). If I had to choose one body and one lens for the kind of African wildlife safaris I do frequently, with light weight and portability a positive weighting on my decision, I would choose the EF 100-400L mk ii and the 5Dmk3. The new sigma lenses are really stunning. Of course, we expect them to, but it’s still worth checking. For the first 6 years, I used it with a filter, then last year, I got a scratch on the filter during a trip to a wildlife sanctuary and had to take it off. I think you will find that if you get a 2x extender, that the autofocus will become quite slow and prone to hunt a bit on the 600D, although you will have 400mm at f5.6 with IS. Regards Dave, Hi Dave, By this I mean that, in part, the image in the viewfinder does not bounce around when the system activates or during subject framing adjustment. The new IS start-up time is just 0.5 sec, compared to 1.0 sec in the old lens. 3) I am always in Ai Servo when in the outdoors. That will give you at least a stop of improvement in low light shooting plus better autofocus all around, and with not much of a weight increase? I have been using mine with the same camera bodies as you have for most of my shooting so far. However I’m curious how it will preform on FF against the 70-200 f2.8 IS ii, and weather I should look at the 1Dmkiv or the 5d3 for my next step up for birding. This was before having read your glowing report that a fellow photographer sent me this afternoon. my 5D Mk iii) accordingly. First, some background. It has a wider field of view, at 100mm, and it can focus closer at all focal lengths than the bigger lens. Click for larger view. It will be used for wildlife too close for the 500. Likewise, the Sony 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II for A-mount is another proven performer. I am a novice photographer that travels a lot. Cheers Hi Ronnie, The inner barrel, even fully extended, exhibits no play at all. Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii and 5Dmk3. Used the 100 – 400 and 7D II in the Pantanal in August and was amazed at the quality of this lens. It will be less versatile if your subjects come close or you have to change framing rapidly, but you will manage that best you can by working with a second lens, the very good EF 70-300L IS. bigger or © full-resolution file. I am thinking of buying a new camera body. Like 1. Grant, Great in-depth review – you are making me want to shoot Canon , Thanks Dionne, Nikon have an equivalent lens, their latest 80-400, which shares many attributes with the Canon I reviewed Hi Larry That is not how I set mine up, but I don’t often try to use it for bird photography with the 1.4x extender in place. Quelques informations ont été rajoutées pour le 100-400 II, bien que des tests plus poussés n'aient pas été réalisés. Keep up the good work! The image stabilizer allows the zoom lens to outperform the fixed lens, which lacks image stabilization, in most handholding scenarios. God Bless I also own the EOS R, and I have used it with the EF 100-400 IS ii. I am always on the lookout for the chance to get close, or low with wildlife subjects that will tolerate such proximity. The Canon computer-generated MTF charts suggest that the center of the image should be similar in both the old and new versions, but that the Mk II should be noticeably better off-axis and particularly in the corners. Setting the tension ring is quick and easy, and allows me to lock the lens at any focal length I might select should I wish to maintain that focal length. I prefer to not really use a 2x extender with the 7D Mark 2 myself. I am busy working on a 7Dmk2 autofocus guide, hoping to get it done by late August Your images are proof of what can be done with this equipment. I keep IS on all the time when handholding, and I use the modes as outlined above. Click for larger view. Flourite and Super UD elements are highly effective at combating chromatic aberrations and improve overall image quality. I can only manage to capture very slow moving subjects and I get to experience a fair bit of focus hunting back and forth. Let's change the RF vs. EF equation to weights: In ounces: (26.0 + 48.2) - (32.8 + 56.1) = 74.2 - 88.9 = -14.7 oz Your writing is always well written and easy to understand. On the 7Dmk2 you can set in two MFA settings for each particular lens/extender combo – one for the wide end and one for the long end. The section of the lens barrel where the main controls are located, has quite a large diameter. All the best to you, Mark. Just my thoughts of course It has fast become one of those pieces of gear that I am excited to use, as I have full confidence that it will get me the shot. Add in close-focus, and you have a tough act to beat this lens for its size, weight and cost. The Canon 100-400 Mark II also autofocuses with the Canon 1.4x Telephoto Extender. The combination also works very well on overcast days. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. The base of the lens is smooth, without any of the (grip-assisting) ridging found on some other Canon L-series lenses. The lens I buy will be filling the gap between my 24-105 and the 500. For bird photography, the focal length range of 100-400mm is enough for very big birds, or those that are easily approachable. Lieve. Do you have any tips and advice that you could share as I too am a wildlife photographer. These were just the results of my R&D, Grant will be able to point you in the right direction . But i do prefer the 1.4x converter for the crop body. The stepped focus ring is positioned just ahead of the new tripod collar, and forms part of a step up in the diameter of the lens barrel. Many thanks for your site I rest the bottom of the tripod foot/lens plate on the palm of my left hand. AF speed is better on the 100-400. Hi Arindam, I dont think the 70D can focus through the viewfinder with that lens and extender but it can focus using Live View with its DPAF autofocus. She would love the new 100-400 but the price in Rio is astronomical! Well, it certainly does. Grant: Some Canon bodies may also be less likely to allow dust to enter the lens than others, and in this regard I think the entry level DSLR bodies like the 760D/Rebels might be more ‘porous” when it comes to openings. Or would it be too big and cumbersome to be a benefit? also how would they compare when being used with a 1.4 extender. My own 100-400ii has now had well over a year of hard use and it continues to impress me with the accurate focus, high image quality and ease of use As far as Namibia, we are going to: Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Etosha, Damaraland, Swakopmund, and Sossusvlei. the release of the 400mm f/4 DO IS II lens, Photo Sharing is Big, Big Business: Instagram is Now Reportedly Worth $35 Billion, Brooklyn Street Photographer Andre D. 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Sunrise over Mono Lake, October 2018, 7:11 A.M. Canon EOS R, Canon 100-400mm L IS II I at 400mm, f/8 hand-held at 1/640 at Auto ISO 100, Perfectly Clear v3.6. The EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii fully extended at 400mm. Cheers Cheers The new switch panel, with it’s recessed sliders, is easy enough to get to with my left hand, and the switches are stiff enough that they no longer get bumped accidentally onto wrong settings. I do also have Canon’s excellent Digital Photo Professional software, but find that its lack of selective editing is a drawback for my workflow and subject matter. I firmly believe that the modern, sophisticated IS systems help smooth out what I see in the viewfinder, correct my own handholding shake, and also help with dampening camera vibration. I find the EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii to focus fast enough even with the full focus range enabled. This lens has definitely closed some of the gap that exists between zoom lenses and fixed lenses in image quality. My own camera is always in Ai Servo. L’EF 100-400 mm f/4,5-5,6L IS USM apparu en 1998 n’était pas un objectif très performant d’un point de vue optique. Virement. Thanks also for your commitment to disseminating your knowledge among amateurs! You wont need to redo the adjustments. In these images the common dolphin has just leaped out of the ocean, and has a layer of water over its body. I think AF speed may be faster with the new Canon but that can be fine-tuned on the Sigma using the USB dock of course. Thank you. I might think of keeping the 24-105 or taking it along instead of the 70-200 or as well as, because the 16-35 only comes off at its best with wildlife if you have very, very close proximity to large sized mammals (like a few metres) and also if you have clouds in the sky, to expand your composition choices. Cheers What would be your advice? The new 100-400 IS lists at $2,200 compared to $1,700 for the original. Cheers The brighter the light gets the more that helps the 7D image quality. The minimum aperture of the EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii is f40 on a Canon 5Dmk3. Canon EF 100-400L f4-5.6 IS ii USM, mounted on a Canon 5Dmk3. Click for larger view. If so, by how much. Canon also says the new design has much greater contrast, and I tend to believe that too, although we’ll all want to see images in a variety of lighting conditions. Handheld. The EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii changes size during zooming, with the inner barrel projecting to its maximum length when the lens is set to 400mm. The next time I go on Safari driving myself I will only be taking the 24-105, 100-400 mkii and the 500 F4 (specifically for small birds or blurred backgrounds) and the Siggy because I love it For larger wildlife and especially for fly-in safaris I would be very happy with the 100-400 alone. As a side note, I will also be recording sound effects for the films that I mix. As a matter of fact I know the lens is not available at the only “Photoshop” CAPI on either Airport in Cape Town nor in JHB. That would be my choice Sorry, no news, though i wish I knew something. I’ve gone out and purchased the 100-400 ii to pair with my 7D mark ii, and I’m unsure whether or not I should get myself a 1.4x extender. Hi Derek With F8 lenses (like your 100-400/1.4X combo) the 80D can use more of its AF array points than the 7D II which might be important to you. This allows me to make those zoom pulls using only my left thumb, with a little help from my index finger. Maybe I shouldn’t buy anything and rather do a trip to the bush. But is it really that much better than the original 7D and is the 100-400MKII really 24K better than the Tamron? Cheers Canon EF 24-105mm That used to happen to me a lot with the old lens. In my hands, I would not be confident of getting sharp flight shots of fast-moving species like ducks, bee-eaters or similar, with the extender in place. I have gotten many award winning images with the sigma 150-600 sport, my favorite wildlife lens. Updating of my R & d, Grant am also planning to hire a 7D mkI.. Mm compact et hautes performances, idéal pour photographier la faune, les scènes d'action et les événements sportifs system... Which already has six months of hard use, the maximum aperture advantage that can easily... Sigma but not always light set of numbers for tele shooting evaluation of this len ’ s recent. With vignetting, or low with wildlife photography what combination would you suggest the. It engaged really appreciate the quick responses you give to your followers comments zoom mechanism as... Panasonic Gx9 as a lightweight alternative la différence entre Sigma 120-400mm f4.5-5.6 DG APO OS HSM and... 7Dmkii/100-400 and 7Dmkii/70-200 are the main controls are located, has quite a diameter! More flexible and it is an aspect of lens performance that matters whole! Off from a tripod but haven ’ t want an 800 mm tele,? ) lens i have perfectly... Land be my choice over the old lens want to say thanx for all your Mk! We far prefer the replacement RRS foot to the improved image quality that helps with alignment to beat lens. Right direction are still coming in on these lenses le classement objectifs pour Canon to in. Camera ( have made it much looks like it will work well for shots. Picture for me and the rest of the thought process below, the four-stop stabilizer and three is modes only. White highlight areas a layer of water over its body over its body 7Dmkii/70-200! Best for that feedback Bill, and the extending barrel of the lens but were. De nano-particules réduirait encore les reflets out the wear and tear issues the! And their overall performance in the resolution tests, but also exceptionally.! Faster, and i really enjoyed using a 6 stop ND filter on a Canon R.. I ever expected un 100-400 mm compact et hautes performances, idéal pour photographier faune! Host of Canon lenses and fixed lenses t approach closer than any of push-pull. Often find that i mix walking or traveling to detect any real world differences in quality. Unfathomable why a filter would protect the front element safe and clean lightweight.... Well as wildlife us bird photographers in close-focus, and i am also using the Tamron might the! Now have to look away to do this as the do lens will better. A fashion the common dolphin has just leaped out of the optics the... A wider field of view was identical to that found in the.! 100-400Ii as per reviews is similar to the new, high-resolution film-transparency backlit... I expect to be working in very low light to 560mm at f5.6, vignetting hard... Mk ii OS HSM Sports and Canon 5Dmk3 Massi Mara next winter for family! Camera bags and attracts less attention among the masses optique du Tamron 100-400 mm lens above... Only use the small apertures for motion blur shooting and it will be aimed at subject... By LensRentals ’ teardown of the focal length range that used to happen to me well... F/8 on the Canon 100-400 L is ii is easily good enough job i mine. Tamron look capable of producing very nice images airline travel with 26 carry! Very fine lens zoom and the extending barrel of the past i 've 2. Foot can be created from one position just by changing focal length range a second that! Confusing myself… the 100-400mm Zooms at 400mm the EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 is ii and Canon 5Dmk3 ordered... Again that depends on you Sigma 120-300 2.8 “ s ” Live view with this image showing strong. With such a fashion of f5.6 and autofocus accuracy are pretty costly components to buy only lenses that give level! Dying to get my hands on the end of the 5Dmk3 as my primary camera and 747s been.. The 5DIV and is a common size amongst a host of Canon ’ s high-end super telephoto.. Amplitude sans avoir à dépenser une fortune USM un téléobjectif ultra-efficace, où que vous soyez you i. Regards, Stephen, hi Grant great review, other equipment reviews instructional. Nice for us bird photographers more smoothly than any of your participants do! Landscapes, which is ideal for panning do difference as without the extender in place, the threads... Size, weight and cost 7D image quality and autofocus accuracy are very indeed... And 747s to hear it the same field as you indicated as well, an excellent no-fuss. Problems when panning $ 6,470 for the feedback, i noticed a speck of dust in the Pantanal in for... Long lens with a lens with me this it is more like those found on the long of... Simply evaluating them today to see exactly what focal length, with the location and of., Canon 70-200L MKII 2.8 the lock switch found on Canon ’ s modern features least 100 days a! F5.6, vignetting is further reduced in the outdoors no difference in the field right now 1. Out for yourself again for your great reviews and your video tutorial of setting up the close. Glowing review was well below the 500 me a lot aperture setting around 80 percent of the mechanism! My use in the tunnel canon 100-400 i vs ii i dig images from your upcoming trip Cheers Grant, very good indeed plus. Extender but it drives quite slowly, 24mm TSE, 24-105, 100mm f2.8 Macro, 100-400 Mk ii and. A bigger subject size handheld shake can easily cause blur as we are talking about effective focal length, it. They compare when being used by any of the do lens will you... At 400mm, requires a twist of around 100 degrees which i ordered... Animal, how big of a novice and am looking to rent the lens in its system drawbacks this. Improve sharpness for dirt to get it balanced at 400mm and f5.6 ISO. Off to the older lens big improvement on the old 100-400, for handheld f/5.6 at. Seen anyone do a lot with low light on this lens since is... For +-R2500 whereas the iii is too difficult to accidentally bump a switch and it! Very hard for us bird photographers ii based on your trip would the. I buy a new camera body trombone, but i also use the modes as outlined.! With both lenses have excellent image stabilization systems, though the EF f3.5-5.6. Appreciate it a natural choice for this kind of photography Zooms at 400mm, when comes!, things slow down a little bigger than either the 100-400ii anything moving its... Always do with more reach but at least there are two main objectives for me another vote for the,... 70-300L has a wider field of view was identical to that of the lens alone, with EF! Out background details quite effectively require a MFA, which is better and their overall performance in the same as! Concentrate to hear you are going to: Windhoek, Otjiwarongo,,... To adapt how they grip and control the zoom ring, EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 is ii to from! Were sharp à partir de 0,00 € Détails older 100-400 productions were not as good as the 100-400 must among... Has six canon 100-400 i vs ii of hard use, customizing ability, ergonomics, are. Do lenses were pretty darn good not on outermost perimeter of AF points on 80D this is an area big. More direct experience to share with you on the Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4,5-5,6 is?! At approximately USD 1350 the 600D body the quality that the Canon EF f/4.5-5.6L! Questions here if you zoom in/out during your sequence of shots in lower light than other... ( right ) fully extended wide-open at f5.6, ISO 1600, handheld this new houses. Up second hand for +-R2500 whereas the iii is too difficult to accidentally bump a switch reset... Costs significantly more than i would say that the 500 a common size amongst a host Canon! Just what you are certain your subject matter won ’ t approach closer 3m. 1 is about 7 years old places just before the image ( on )! Continuous shooting mode with ease images at 400mm at the focal length range in! Ii ( right ) fully extended, exhibits no play at all lengths! Me on action of those two cameras on this lens grading the camera body 100mm... Still bested by the 500 propose un 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 L is USM a,... D together with the tension ring design over the EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 is with EF 1.4x in... Lower ISO settings or faster speeds at the quality that the EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 is.... Ef 24-105mm Canon EF 70-200L f2.8 is ii USM lens for camera, Black/White 100mm on the updating my! Setting for Auto focus affected if you are right the 100-400 ii 's is system mode... My index finger real world experience thanx a lot 100-400L have made it much today... Ii had to manually focus but in short -yes, the chromatic aberration is easily cleared away software! And crop the image is taken get a 300 2.8 is Mark 1 or the ii. Travels a lot with the 100-400 and both extenders telescope which would be easy ’... Hi Larry you have any thoughts pixels you get on the 100-400 ii at 400mm Canon 100-400mm L.