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Many potential clients are intimidated at the prospect of “psychotherapy.” Others avoid treatment due to poor experiences with “help” in the past. It’s our goal to create an environment of trust, reflection and rest. Give us the opportunity to change your mind about counseling!

Families and Children

Working with distressed children, teens and their exhausted parents is our specialty. Our staff is well-trained in contemporary interventions for both children and families. We are experienced addressing issues such as: oppositional behavior, abuse, social problems, phobias, high functioning autism, separation anxiety, mood disorders, high-conflict divorce, and other difficulties.

Adults and Teens

We don’t just work with children! A good portion of our practice includes individual treatment for older teens, college students, and adults. Treatment themes have included: managing anxiety and depression, overcoming addictions, career direction and guidance, interpersonal struggles, launching younger adults beyond college and into a professional life, and faith-based problems.

For Artists

With a background in sculpting and a long history of family and relatives in the arts, Brendan is familiar with the challenges of living the life of an artist. While style, medium and motivations to create art are often unique, almost all artists want to express themselves, and want to feel understood. Brendan has a unique interest in supporting artists who feel stuck or who are looking for their artistic “voice.”

About Brendan Bell & Associates

Counseling that makes sense for the whole family!

Brendan Bell & Associates is a family therapy practice focused on caring for hurting children, frustrated teens, couples in conflict, and exhausted parents. Our approach to therapy will look different for every member of the family–from talk-therapy with parents to play therapy with children.

But whatever the age, our goal is to speak the language of the family. We approach counseling from a down-to-earth, respectful, and even fun perspective–especially when working with kids! We place a high premium on really listening, and yet our interventions are often highly practical involving strategies, techniques, and skills training for both children, teens and parents.

If counseling hasn’t worked well in the past, or if your family is skeptical of therapy, consider a redo–here at Brendan Bell & Associates!

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You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

– Brene Brown

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